AGES Unnaryd

AGES Unnaryd specialises in robotic aluminium die casting using vacuum technology, as well as processing. We focus on complex parts and larger volumes.

Die casting using robotic machines

Our size and level of automation ensures we maintain high capacity, which gives us the impetus to supply mainly large Swedish companies operating internationally.

Production optimisation advice

As your partner, we want to work closely with you – many of our customers have been with us for a very long time. We offer everything from production optimisation advice at the concept stage to production and sale of processed, finished and assembled products.

Problem resolution for large and complex parts

Casting takes place using vacuum technology and allows really complex parts to be manufactured with relatively rapid throughput times. We also die-cast really large products for our automotive customers and others.

Refinement of cast aluminium

We process and assemble cast aluminium directly on site here. Processes such as painting, anodisation and others are implemented by selected subcontractors.