UB Verktyg

UB Verktyg manufactures die-casting tools for aluminium components. Its many years of experience in the business ensure it has the expertise to deliver optimised designs and efficient solutions.

Die-casting tools

The tools are optimised to maximise cost and production efficiencies. A die-casting tool is comprised of several components. Approximately 98% of the components in the die-casting tools manufactured at our plant in Bor are made by us.

Performance guarantee

We want you to feel confident that the tool provides a reliable performance. Any necessary adjustments can be made after sampling. Should repairs on the tool be needed at any time, our workshop always gives top priority to urgent repair work.

Simulation & design

The process begins with an analysis and feedback, such as a proposal for component adjustments or ejector arrangements. The ingot is then calculated and designed, along with simulation of mould filling to obtain the best results. We carry out any mould adjustments that may be necessary and ensure a minimum of cleaning and postprocessing. We use Catia software to generate a complete set of production data.

Aluminium components

The size and complexity of the components vary greatly. The challenge is that no two components are alike.