AGES China

Hörle Automatic Ningbo is our Chinese production unit and specialises in machining, forging and cast steel. This division maintains a high technical level guaranteeing correct quality and efficiency.

Our plant in China

Hörle Automatic Ningbo customers work with vehicles, warehouse trucks, agricultural equipment and industry. We can offer in-house production using a number of different machines, or we can make purchases from partners and always take responsibility for quality and delivery reliability.


Security is not usually something we associate with imports, as there are many pitfalls. We act as a guarantor. In other words, if there are any delays in Asia, we set our Swedish production team to work and deliver to you on time. Our Ningbo plant manufactures, inspects, assembles and coordinates logistics.


We were established in China in 2007 and have an efficient team of talented staff with extensive experience of production, procurement, project management, materials and quality assurance. This is why we can take on the challenge and help you to devise the best processes/manufacturing methods.