Quality and environment

Quality issues are an integrated part of day-to-day operations within AGES. Our aim is to always satisfy customers’ stringent requirements, needs and expectations by providing products and services of the right quality. This is achieved by employees demonstrating high levels of awareness, professionalism and commitment, a continuous process of training in quality issues, a well-designed quality system and a constantly developing, proactive programme of improvement work. We give our quality work the highest priority and continually work on making improvements and implementing corrective measures in order to ensure that our processes are always evolving and developing. Our performance is continually evaluated through metrics, the registration of non-conformances and a programme of external audits.

AGES environmental impact

AGES continually works on developing methods and approaches to ensure compliance with applicable environmental and health and safety legislation. The aim of our environmental work is to minimise our direct impact on the external environment by reducing the consumption of natural resources, minimising the production of residual products in manufacturing and other processes, and to strive to achieve the lowest possible level of energy consumption. By having established work procedures in each AGES company, we ensure that we regularly check, identify, report and correct any defects and shortcomings.

AGES as a workplace

AGES actively works to maintain a good working environment. Established health and safety procedures ensure that we are always at least in compliance with applicable laws, requirements and ordinances. The aim is that none of our employees shall be affected by injuries or psychological illness caused by work and that each company is perceived as being an attractive place to work.