AGES Academy

We launched AGES Academy with a view to utilising skills and developing staff in all regards, and its aim is to act as a platform for further training within the group. An internal training course where we work with skills enhancement, a sense of community, job satisfaction and values. For many people, having the opportunity to take the initiative and develop is an important element in job satisfaction. A corporate culture that creates opportunities for growth.

AGES Academy creates an attractive place to work

At AGES Academy, we discuss and agree on our basic values. We have to make the most of our diversity, agree on the most important aspects, communicate and take responsibility, take on board and pass on information. Or, to put it another way, we ensure the AGES DNA permeates the entire organisation. What we do together has an important objective – to create a sense of security for our customers and ourselves.

AGES Ambassador

AGES Ambassadorship is all about living, implementing and understanding AGES’ core values – in theory and in practice. We are all important cogs in this particular wheel. Our core values involve focusing on customers, maintaining high quality, meeting agreed deadlines, and ensuring that the things we do add value and are meaningful. Anyone who trains to become an Ambassador has made a decision to provide a good example to others.