Machining materials such as stainless steel, brass and aluminium. Our operations are characterised by flexibility and outstanding technical expertise, with access to advanced production equipment guaranteeing precision, quality and efficiency. Robust knowledge of tools and materials allows us to offer our customers a high level of service and custom solutions.


AGES production is optimised for the manufacture of advanced large-series components. We have a large number of state-of-the-art processing machines so that we can offer high levels of flexibility and process capability.

Projects and design

We have extensive experience of product development together with our customers. It is necessary to see the big picture and identify the parts played by each individual component, optimising the design to ensure rational production and simplify each assembly element.

Product verification and outturn samples

All our customers have stringent demands. We perform quality assurance and verification of new products in accordance with these. This ensures high levels of product quality during later mass production.

Automation for robust processes

We maintain a targeted approach and are constantly investing in automation in order to remain at the cutting edge of our industry. High levels of automation guarantee robust processes and cost-effective manufacturing.


Many products processed by AGES undergo postprocessing in the form of curing operations, grinding and painting. This is often the final operation prior to delivery and requires guaranteed processes performed by advanced partners.

Supply and logistics

To meet your requirements for precise deliveries, AGES uses the very latest solutions for EDI communication, KanBan, Pipechain and other just-in-time tools customised for your systems.
The right product at the right time.