Business concept, targets and strategy

AGES offers casting, machining and assembly of qualified precision components in high-volume production runs to leading players within selected customer segments. Driven production processes, an entrepreneurial spirit and cutting edge technical expertise combine to create the criteria to deliver the best solutions on the market at a viable cost.

Business objectives

AGES shall continue to develop the business concept in a way that creates criteria for lasting growth and profitability. AGES shall be the market leader within its niche, historically a stable market, and perceived to be the most competent and long-sighted partner by customers, suppliers and employees. This shall be achieved by developing good customer relationships characterised by a business-minded approach and close collaboration. From a strong position on the Swedish market, AGES shall actively work to broaden its customer base. AGES shall also be able to follow its customers outside the domestic market with a view to expanding the business.

Financial objectives

AGES shall create growth in combination with profitability. AGES aims to achieve a sales growth of at least 10 percent per year and a profit margin that, during the course of a business cycle, exceeds 8 per cent. AGES’s dividend policy is that dividends shall amount to 20–40 per cent of net profit. The dividend shall reflect the financial status of the Group and future opportunities for growth.

Strategic focus

AGES shall achieve established objectives and satisfy market requirements through a strategic focus based on the following:
• Further development of AGES’s dominant cutting edge expertise within die casting and processing of precision components.
• Maintain and develop long term business relationships with customers that are looking for cost-effective precision components with stringent technical requirements in high volume series, an unparalleled level of quality and high delivery accuracy.
• By having good knowledge of customers’ applications and making efficient use of technical expertise, continual product improvements are offered with the aim of further developing customer relationships.
• By instituting a high level of technology in production processes, a large proportion of automation, committed employees and making continual improvements, creating efficient and profitable manufacturing that is highly competitive.
• Develop the flexibility in processes and manufacturing equipment to meet the challenge of a market that is in a state of continual flux.
• Further strengthen the offering to customers by supplementing the company’s own manufacturing with a strong network of suppliers within and outside Sweden that have cutting edge expertise within AGES’s niches.

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