AGES Kulltorp

AGES Kulltorp is a complete system supplier of refined die-cast products. A strategic partner in a number of different industries for die casting and postprocessing of aluminium.

Highly automated die casting

Our die casting machines, which are essentially fully automated, work within the 300–750-tonne range. Our smelt handling is also fully automated. You could say we have a built-in duct system containing liquid aluminium that is used to top up our die casting machines.

High level of refinement for our customers

Our customers often let us deal with refinement issues. We cast, machine and assemble directly on site. Painting takes place in the immediate vicinity. We take complete responsibility for the entire production chain, and that is our strength.

Broader customer base

We work with a number of different industries such as Automotive, Industry, Construction and Instruments. Our objective is to maintain a broad customer base. Our machinery has a high level of automation.

Customer case: enhanced quality with aluminium

One example of an assignment involves the manufacture of downspouts, where we formed part of the product development team and enhanced the quality thanks to our use of aluminium, instead of plastic which was unable to withstand UV light.