AGES Hörle

We work with machining, pipe finishing, welding, casting and forging. We apply a holistic approach that maintains a high level of technology, materials expertise in terms of both production and costs, and flexibility.

Customized holistic solutions

AGES Hörle offers production of custom metal components using machining, cutting, welding, casting, forging and crimping for selected customer segments in the Swedish manufacturing industry.

Machining with a holistic approach

Our machinery covers most advanced metalworking requirements. We work with dimensions from 3 mm to 38 mm/diameter in our headstock lathes. We machine up to 65 mm in our bar department. Larger dimensions are machined at our Multiplex department. Add to that the multi-operation department, and you’ll see we always make sure we choose the best production method.

Extensive machinery and high level of technology

For the automotive industry, we produce large volumes in short times, just-in-time, KanBan or whatever our customers require. The flexibility of our machinery also gives us major advantages for the smaller series. Modern machines are important of course, but the human factor is by far our biggest asset. The expertise and commitment of our personnel are the crucial factor in making us your first choice.

State-of-the-art welding

We work with state-of-the-art Fronius technology for both manual and robot welding. Our welding personnel have extensive expertise and hold certification to 14732 and 287-1. We manufacture fixtures at our own workshop, which results in short lead times and guarantees that our products meet specifications. We currently supply a number of advanced items, including safety-classified parts

Pipe finishing

Tube products can sometimes replace turned parts, often saving both materials and money. This process requires expertise on tools and materials – and we specialise in precisely this.