Here at AGES, we offer component and system assembly and testing in accordance with our customers’ wishes. Assembly and testing are carried out when the components have been manufactured by means of die casting, welding or machining. Our work is carried out with modern, rational processes using the very latest technology.


AGES assembles both simple and advanced systems. When assembling complete systems, most of the components included are from our own production. Purchased components that meet defined requirements via AGES’ systematic quality assurance are required to supplement these.

Product verification and inspection

We perform quality assurance and verification of assembled systems by means of final testing and other tests using measurement tools and measurement machines offering cutting-edge technology. We use documented quality systems to ensure that supply and processes take place in accordance with the product specification. The aim of all this is to guarantee high product quality.

Supply and logistics

To meet your requirements for precise deliveries, we use the very latest solutions for EDI communication, KanBan, Pipechain and other just-in-time tools customised to meet market requirements.