AGES Industri AB

AGES’s operations primarily comprise aluminium die casting, metal machining, tooling, welding and assembly. Driven production processes, an entrepreneurial spirit and cutting edge technical expertise combine to create the conditions necessary to deliver the best solutions on the market at a viable cost. Our units are modern, flexible and efficient. Our production concentrates on medium-sized to large series of components, primarily for the automotive and engineering industries. We are of the view that technical expertise and personal commitment are the key to rewarding cooperation.

Makes things easier

Our values are all about customer focus and high capacity. You can use us as a one-stop shop to make things easy for you – everything is available from a single group. We focus on costs, lead times and the most appropriate materials. Reliable deliveries and robust quality should engender a sense of security.

Our strength lies in the combination of scope and specialisation

Our high capacity and broad operations, in combination with specialised processes, allow us to offer the ultimate in flexibility. Besides our domestic operations, we also have a range of global commitments to customers and we perceive Northern Europe as a growth market offering major potential.

Sustainability is the future

Our industrial operations are of major significance in a society that is moving towards a circular economy. The aluminium used at our casting plants is made up entirely of recycled metal that is refined to make new products. At the current rate of production, AGES uses 6,700 tonnes of recycled aluminium raw material per year.

CEO’s comments

As things stand at present, we have very strong and complete production capacity and the AGES Group has competitive production units, good customers and committed staff with strong customer focus. I look to the future with great confidence. A future that is being laid out with a long-term approach in mind.

Anders Magnusson, CEO