Die casting tools

We manufacture quality tools for die casting of aluminium. Our casting tools are designed to meet the customer’s requirements for first-class products, short lead times and cost-effectiveness throughout the process chain. The sooner we get into the process, the more we can tailor the tools to optimize the end result.

Manufacturing of casting tools

Die casting in aluminium takes place at temperatures of approximately 670°C, and the mould is filled at extremely high speeds of approximately 80 ms. This places very severe requirements on the tool. We manufacture the parts for the casting tool in our own production. This means that we have control over all the details and delivery times, which gives the customer an efficient production.

Quality requires know-how

The tools are extremely important for serial production. Knowledge and experience in the development of the tools ensures quality production of parts. With the right dimensions, the tools last longer, which provides cost and time efficiency for our customers.

Development and analysis

We enter the process early and are involved in the development of 3D models in order to streamline manufacturing at the end customer. We perform simulations and strength calculations, and propose improvements and optimizations, so that our customers receive the highest possible component quality at the design stage.