Die casting of aluminium

We specialise in die casting aluminium. With more than 40 years of experience and highly automated machinery, we have the capacity to supply large series in a fully quality-assured production process. Aluminium casting takes place in rational processes that use robots. Die cast quality components are at the very heart of AGES’ customers offering to the automotive industry.


Our production is customised and optimised for manufacture of large series of advanced components, with stringent requirements.

Projects and design

We offer you a quality-assured design process with more than 40 years of experience and high-tech machinery. We are happy to get involved early on in the design phases of new projects.

Production of casting tools

We take responsibility for the design and production of shaping tools that meet your requirements for first-class products. We also work in close partnership with a number of leading tool manufacturers in the industry.

Automation for robust processes

We maintain a targeted approach and are constantly investing in automation in order to remain at the cutting edge of our industry. High levels of automation guarantee robust processes and cost-effective manufacturing.

Product verification and outturn samples

We perform quality assurance and verification of new products in accordance with your requirements. This ensures high levels of product quality during mass production.


AGES bi-cast products are completed by means of postprocessing such as deburring, blasting, tumbling and cleaning before they are ready for delivery or further refinement.