AGES Rheocasting Initiative

As the casting industry is changing rapidly due to higher demands from designers, we at AGES have concluded that we need to add semi-solid casting to meet our customers’ requirements and we see this as a complement to our HPDC production.

The alloy

Low Si, 190-200 W/mK (120 W/mK for HPDC).
Thermal treatment increases thermal conductivity.
New alloys in R&D platform for 2019–2023.

Benefits with rheocasting

The process offers several benefits such as:
• Alloy freedom as a wider range of alloys are castable with rheocasting than with HPDC.
• Very low porosity levels that open up for leak-free, weldable and heat treatable components.
• A cost-effective process that allows the production of components to a reasonable cost.

Application: cooling

Geometry and design.
Fins: 105 mm and 0.8 mm at tip.
Low draft angles: 0.4-0.6 degrees.

Application: pressure tight

Status: DV´s passed and production starting 2019, leak free components without impregnation, from 15 bars to 120 bars of pressure.


Impregnation is often not possible for high pressure, high temperatures and cost.