AGES takes the lead in reducing CO2 

Anders Magnusson. In the words of the AGES Group CEO:

We began the work about 18 months ago. It all started when I had to buy myself a new car and I asked the salesman what the carbon footprint of the production process was.

We already knew what emissions the car itself produced. In any case, this already comes with a price tag in terms of the tax you have to pay. But what about the actual manufacture of the car? Of course, he couldn’t give me an answer to that. However, I realised that if I ask the question myself, then I, as a part of AGES, can play an important role in helping provide the relevant information when the market as a whole starts demanding these kinds of details. This is important. After analysing our business areas, we decided to start with our die casting operations, as these have the greatest impact in terms of CO2.

Thanks to the work we put in, we are now able to report the total carbon footprint for each kilogram of die-cast product delivered. From cradle to customer. Last spring we developed this work further, with the intention of devising similar calculation models for our machining operations.

Now, 18 months later, I find that more people are requesting this kind of information. Several customers are fully aware that reporting of the carbon footprint is going to become an important part of the documentation required of them. It has therefore become a selling point – and one where the AGES Group is extremely well-placed. During the course of the work, it became clear to us that Sweden enjoys a distinct advantage over other areas of the world where energy production is associated with much higher CO2 emissions.

Over the last two years, AGES has reduced its CO2 emissions by 40% 

By introducing renewable energies at AGES and at some strategic suppliers, we reduced our carbon footprint over the year by 40%.

Because we care.

/ Anders Magnusson. CEO AGES Group

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